Three Months After Launch

It has been three months since launch and I've added a decent amount content to the game since then. Maybe too much? Added two chapters to make it a 3-part game, with a lot of additional systems such as a follower/party mode, bulk bin, and a missions system. I'm glad that people who comment on or review the game are pleasantly surprised with the amount of content; however I also feel bad about the people who think that some systems don't fit well and bloat the game without adding much substance. 

I didn't make it clear I suppose that this game doesn't have a deep narrative or story that makes sense so I made a new trailer that kind of makes a quick nanosecond note about not having any storyline. The trailer update was also meant to show some of the newer features since the initial one only had most of Chapter 1.

I'm next trying to focus on getting the build sellable on I am planning to have it on here before the holidays. The reason it hasn't been on is that I haven't been able to figure out how to set up the executable on the sire yet -- I'll definitely be looking into it soon, there are just some issues I need to iron out first.

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